Stretch Your Biz

Stretch Your Biz is a 6-week online business course by Victoria Cunningham, founder of StretchBodyMind and the creator of award-winning charity Stretch & Play, and has been designed to fit your needs.

You’ve completed Yoga Teacher Training and you’re buzzing with ideas about classes but you’re not quite sure how to get these classes started (or how to keep them going).

You may have a Teacher Training certificate but you don’t know the first thing about business.


  • having thriving classes full of people who love what you have to share
  • gaining clients for life by developing lasting connections with the people who you best serve
  • having a website that acts as a 24 hour, 7 day a week business card
  • having a social media strategy in place that means that Facebook/Instagram/etc. work for you instead of being a huge time suck
  • being seen as the professional you are, no matter how new you are as a Yoga Teacher
  • being taken seriously as a business person because you have a clear vision and business plan to back it up
I know that right now you’re struggling to make back the investment you made in your Yoga Teacher Training.

You aren’t sure where to find your ideal clients or how to keep them once you’ve found them. You can’t see past the next class as you have no long-term plan for your yoga business and you often feel like you’re fighting fires rather than focusing on your clients’ needs. You’re probably anxious about standing in your power as a Yoga Teacher and missing your YTT community (while secretly feeling jealous if one of your fellow graduates is doing well).

You’ve probably tried everything!

  • More yoga training but it wasn’t specific enough
  • You’ve looked at, or purchased, online business courses (and perhaps even yoga business courses) but found they are US based so not relevant to the UK market
  • You might even have tried a coach but found it an expensive mistake as the coach has led the session rather than you which means you didn’t get what you needed from it (basically because you don’t know what you need yet!)


Course Content

This 6-week online business programme is based around the following elements:




as these 3 elements are the cornerstone of my Yoga Teaching and Pilates Instruction and are an essential element of my Teacher Training courses.

And I have discovered that they apply perfectly to business as well!


  • We begin by ensuring you have all the foundations in place.
  • This includes Client Intake Forms and Health & Safety Risk Assessment Forms.


  • This is where we move onto branding and website as well as social media marketing.
  • We will also work on developing a class experience that your clients will love and creating a community through your classes.


  • In our final modules we plan a vision for your business.
  • You will receive business plan templates to help you create the perfect back-up for your vision.
  • The business plan will lead into the 3 – 5 year vision and give you structure to your yoga business.

We start the next live round on Friday 17th April 2020!

Stretch Your Biz

Here’s what to expect during the 6-week online course:

  • Online videos with bite-sized elements of learning on each
  • Fillable pdf worksheets that will help you to create a vision and business plan
  • Templates and examples that you can adapt to create your own brand and documentation
  • A Facebook Group which I will be in regularly during the live course for support and guidance and to cheer you on!
  • A LIVE Q&A webinar at the end of the course where I will answer questions and provide signposting to help you stretch your biz even further
  • Lifetime access to the course materials so you can have your very own Stretch Your Biz resource library whenever you need

My Story

I know how it feels. I know how scary it can be to start a yoga business because I’ve been there too.


Over the last 18 years I have taught yoga (and Pilates) in both Northern Ireland and Scotland. And, right from the start, I fell into the typical Yoga Teacher trap of thinking that:

being spiritual and earning money were worlds apart.

Why? For the answer to that we need to go back to the millennium when I had returned to Belfast after travelling and was working for accountancy and management consultancy giant PricewaterhouseCoopers. I hated being a teeny tiny cog in such a giant wheel and I can honestly say it was the worst 9 months of my life. So, I was thrilled to quit the job and travel to Vancouver where I did my first Yoga Teacher Training.

From the cubicle to the ashram.

It’s a fairly typical story and maybe even one you’ve done yourself.

While I loved the whole experience of learning Kundalini Yoga

this esoteric methodology didn’t spend too long explaining the business of yoga

and certainly not in the conservative community of Northern Ireland.

Thankfully I had a degree in Marketing to help me and before long I was running classes in my local gym. As I added more yoga training to my CV I built my classes up to such an extent that I felt ready to move into full-time self-employment.

As a former Youth & Community worker I had the brilliant idea of starting a charity that would teach yoga to children in areas of social deprivation in order to address rising obesity levels and low self-esteem. While this was a worthy cause, and we won numerous awards to prove it, I had not given any thought to the impact the company would have on me.


You see,

because it was a charity, I refused to take a wage.

So, in order to pay my mortgage, I had to take on more adult classes in the evenings. Before long I was working for 12-14 hours a day, 5 days a week and even with that schedule I wasn’t bringing in enough for us to live on. (My ex-husband was unemployed during this time so the onus was on me to make enough money for our survival).

After 3 years of living with this stress I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. After my diagnosis I was signed off sick from my community work job; my Management Committee took the decision to close down the charity and yet …

I never stopped teaching my adult classes!

I found them a relief from the incessant chatter in my head and I felt like they were my anchor during such a difficult time in my life.

When I recovered enough to take stock of things (and I’ll be in recovery for the rest of my life)

I realised that my calling had been staring me in the face.

I was a Yoga Teacher and Pilates Instructor, and a damned good one at that!

Finding my rhythm


I moved away from the frenetic energy that had characterised the last year of running my charity and the depressive fug that typified the year after that and I found my own rhythm.

Running my business with my own rhythm has allowed me to open up my own Yoga Studio in Northern Ireland (and close it again when the time was right), to begin training others to become Pilates Instructors and Yoga Teachers, to move to Scotland and to present at a national event in front of 1000s of yogis.

I don’t want you to struggle like I did initially

So I’m taking everything I’ve learned about running my yoga business in a way that is true to who I am and I’m going to share it with you.

I have created Stretch Your Biz as an online business course for Yoga Teachers (as well as Pilates Instructors, Dance Teachers and other Wellness Professionals).

This course is meant to help you shift from struggling to flowing, from stressed out to stretched out – like the feeling you get at the end of a great yoga class!



Who is it for?

I designed this course for my students and it will be perfect for you if…

  • You are a recent graduate of a Yoga Teacher Training and are in the midst of changing into a part-time or even full-time career as a Yoga Teacher
  • You are not making enough money – especially given how much you’ve already invested to make this career change
  • You don’t really like the idea of marketing or selling and would prefer to spend your time teaching
  • You might also be a Pilates Instructor, Dance Teacher or other Wellness Professional who is feeling exactly the same and, thankfully, this course could help

Who is NOT for?

This course is not for everybody. It probably won’t help you if…

  • You’re happy with your pricing, business structure, and website (if you have one) exactly as it is
  • You don’t want to invest financially in your business right now
  • You don’t like online learning or self-directed learning and prefer to have more one-on-one support
  • You’re allergic to swear words. I might do yoga and meditate every day but I sometimes swear like a sailor, especially when I’m passionate about something!


The course costs £297.


If you are ready to invest in your yourself and your yoga business, develop your own personal brand and a gorgeous, high vibe web presence then sign up for Stretch Your Biz now.


You will receive instant access to the 21 Day StretchBodyMind Bootcamp – my premium personal development programme worth £63 which means you can begin working with me straight away.


Kellie+AdkinsFinally, a yoga business training for the UK yoga community led by yoga business pioneer in the UK! Victoria has done the yoga community a great service in packaging up her brilliance and sharing the secrets to yoga business success in Stretch Your Biz. – Kellie Adkins, Conscious Business Mentor

 karen FBThanks for the business templates, you’ve done all the hard work! – Karen MacDonald

Kristine FBJust watched week 1. Nice to hear your lovely Northern Ireland accent. When you read the poem tears run freely. I enjoyed this, happy tears of acceptance. – Kristine Muir

Jacqui FBI’ve signed the studio contract; it’s all happening. Loving the course, so glad u wrote it. – Jacqui O’Kane

Sadie_headshotYour offering is pure, it’s amazing and I’m so proud of you! – Sadie Nardini, Founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga